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Howdy! If you have followed any of our social media accounts for long, you know that they all mention we are from Texas.  Most Texans might assume we live near San Antonio, because San Antonio is part of Bexar County.  But, the truth is that we live an hour north of Dallas, Texas! 

We are a family of five with three German Shepherds as our family pets. During the craziness of social media in April of 2020, I took a step away from my personal social media accounts.  I still wanted to share my photography and family with the world, and decided it was time to check out what Dog Instagram was about.  At the very end of May 2020, I made my first Instagram post with the handle @thebexarpack and I was hooked!

While I mainly highlight our dogs on our Instagram account, every now and then someone in our family might make in an appearance in the post.  Even if you don’t see us in the actual post, you know that I am always filming or snapping pictures with help from my family nearby.  Our kids have been phenomenal in helping pose the pups and finding good locations for their pictures. In our posts, our kids are referred to as the Little Humans, my husband is called Daddio and I refer to myself as Momsie.   

Family picture in the Great Smokey Mountains.

In late 2020, I opened Bexar Pack Supply Co. as an online dog boutique selling bandanas and packs for humans.   The Supply company has now grown beyond bandanas. I decided to start this blog to bridge the gap between both of our Instagram accounts.  I feel like we are able to share more about our travels, experiences, brands we love, and more through a blog.  I hope one day we are able to have guest bloggers too!  For now, this is just a quick introduction to say, “Howdy!” and that I hope y’all follow along because we are excited about what’s planned this next year!


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